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Mobilexpense is online expense management software that uses a state-of-the-art mobile app for employees to capture:

- receipts,

- mileages,

- trip expenses,

- homework allowances,

- daily allowances,

and all other reimbursable fees.

Employees can combine their expenses into monthly or trip reports, and submit it for approval via a digital workflow. All approved expense reports are automatically synchronised with your accounting software.

Integrated card-management

The advanced integration with Bunq offers complete card-management from within the Mobilexpense platform. Debit- and creditcards can be ordered directly from Mobilexpense and assigned to employees. Employees receive real-time push-notifications for each card transaction triggering them to add the receipts. Cards can be block or frozen directly from within Mobilexpense, or even set card monthly and ATM limits or change pins.

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