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How many times have you started budgeting or tried to manage your finances but stopped because you got fed up with manually inputting and categorizing transactions? With Nordveld Flow those days are long gone. Nordveld Flow automates your expense tracking so you can spend time doing what's important to you instead.

At Nordveld our mission is to help you become as fluent with your personal finances as you are with your native language. A part of this is to give you a strong head-start by the use of templates we are continuously improving and releasing. Don't know how to start getting your finances in order or looking for inspiration on how to use spreadsheets to support your financial goals? Nordveld Flow gives you a great starting point and access to a community where ideas and templates are shared!

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Free easy to cancel trial for 30 days. Thereafter you can choose a monthly plan for 4.99€, quarterly plan for 12.99€ or yearly plan for 49.99€.

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